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Augustine: La Cité de Dieu (Book 1-10).
Paris, c. 1400-1410.Volume I.
Image on p. 5 from Fol. 264r, size 80x75,
illuminator: Orosius Master a.o.
Bible Historiale. Paris, c. 1320-1340.Volume I.
Image on p. 7 from Fol. 2r, size: 45x50,
illum.: `Sub-Fauvel' Master.
Historic Bible. Utrecht, c. 1430.Volume I.
Images on pp. 8, 10, 14, 28
from Fol. 3r, 3v, 4v, 7v, size: 55x85 to 60x85,
illum.: Alexander Master o.a.
Psalter. Breviary of St. Bridget. Den Bosch,
Monastery Marienwater, Bridgettines, 1468.
Images on pp. 11, 13,
Wednesday, Matins: Invitatorium,
from Fol. 219r
Jacob van Maerlant: Der Naturen Bloeme.
Flanders, c. 1350.
Images on pp. 15 (Cerilius), 17 (Fastaleon),
18 (Draco), 19 (Zitiron)
from Fol. 104rb1, 106rb2, 124r, 111ra,
size: 40x55 to 50x55
Jacob van Maerlant: Spieghel Historiael.
West Flanders, c. 1325-1335.
Image on p. 21 from Fol. 4va1,
size: 45x55.
Lambert of St. Omer: Liber Floridus.
Lille and Ninove, 1460.
Images of Signs of the Zodiac
on pp. 22, 23, 24, 38, 39, 40, 41
Psalter. Normandy, c. 1180.
Image on p. 26 from Fol. 3v,
size: 160x125.
Breviary. Cambray(?), c. 1275-1300.
Images on pp. 27, 29, 31, 33, 34, 35, 37
from Fol. 211r, size: 205x135.
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