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long-term preservation of e-mails: techni-
cal, cultural and legal issues (including the
potential of XML); the roles of managers,
record keepers, ICT professionals and
end-users; and the practical aspects of
Digital Preservation Testbed is planning
to produce recommendations for preserv-
ing text documents, spreadsheets and data-
bases in three more separate publications.
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nevitably, there are, as with 2D, practical
issues inhibiting full development, one
example being watermarking: `Without
effective 3D watermarking museums will
naturally be unwilling to distribute 3D
images of their objects.'
John Taylor, National Research Council
of Canada, ORION Workshop, London,
24 July 2002
his leads to specific conclusions for
the Research Roadmap, as already
indicated above and similarly for other
business and management issues.
ext steps include publishing online
the full ORION report on User
Needs and Practices as reported in this
paper, as well as the report on Technology
State of the Art. However, the key docu-
ment is the ORION Research Roadmap,
which has recently been completed and
will be made available online in the
near future.
For more information on the ORION
Object Rich Information Network, visit:
four kinds of digital object: e-mail mes-
sages, text documents, spreadsheets and
Recommendations for the preservation
of e-mail can now be found in a new pub-
lication, 'From digital volatility to digital
permanence: Preserving emails', in the
Digital Preservation Testbed Virtual Library
The report covers topics related to the
igital information is often ephemeral
and difficult to capture for a perma-
nent record. Additionally, to maintain their
value as accurate historical artefacts, it must
be ensured that digital objects are both
authentic and inviolate.Testbed Digitale
Bewaring (Digital Preservation Testbed
e.cfm) was set up in October 2000 by the
Dutch government in order to carry out
research into the long-term preservation of
urg Researc
Images of The Hague