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intellectual property transactions, and so
may be identified by DOIs where appro-
priate. As a DOI can be used to identify
any resource involved in an intellectual
property transaction, it facilitates the con-
struction of automated services and trans-
actions for e-commerce. Practical appli-
cations of DOI in use in an e-book can
be viewed at: http://doi.contentdirec-
detailed description of the DOI sys-
tem, including the system handbook,
DOI tools and latest news can be found at:
work. Each item within the system and its
associated metadata have persistence if
moved or bookmarked and are interopera-
ble with data from other sources.The DOI
system is also extensible and can provide
functionality to deal with groups of
objects, management of data for multiple
output formats and dynamic updating of
data and services.
he initial focus of DOI applications
was on created resources rather than
natural objects (e.g. specimens in a natural
history museum, people, places, events,
etc.). However these other types of
resource are also necessarily involved in
A 2002 steering group meeting of the
IFLA and International Publishers
Association (IPA) recognised that national
libraries are extremely well placed to lead
the adoption of DOI within library com-
munities, in particular given their role in
associating bibliographic information to
national collections.
sing DOIs can make managing
intellectual property in a networked
environment much easier and more con-
venient. For example, a library or a pub-
lisher can construct a central directory of
digital objects, all uniquely identified with
DOIs, which can be accessed over a net-
housands of pieces of music can now
be accessed, free of charge, from seven
of Denmark's libraries. Users can download
and print out high-quality original editions
of classical music and jazz from world-
famous artists, composers and publishers.
The owners of the music receive a royalty
from the library for each copy that is dis-
tributed.The seven libraries (Frederiksberg,
Gentofte, Copenhagen, Odense, Herning,
Aarhus and the State Library) will pilot the
system before it is expanded to a possible
250 libraries in Denmark.
his new access scheme is a result of
co-operation between Denmark's
National Library Authority
index-en.htm) and Sheet Music Now A/S
project provides enhanced access services
for members of the public and also ensures
that the artists' rights are protected.
ssue 5 of the DPC/PADI quarterly
bulletin "What's New in Digital
Preservation" is now available. It covers a
selection of the recent digital preservation
activity of various organisations and initia-
tives, as well as specific areas of activity.This
issue is collated from the Preserving Access
to Digital Information (PADI) Gateway
and covers February-May 2003.
ou can view or download the report
from the Digital Preservation
Coalition (DPC) Website at: http://www. or from
the National Library of Australia (NLA) at:
urg Researc
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