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CETIS: UK's Centre for Educational Technology
Interoperability Standards provides a rich, up-to-date
resource on e-learning standardisation issues,
PROMETEUS:Works to establish a common
approach to e-learning in Europe,
Learning resource metadata:
Learning Object Metadata (LOM): IEEE Learning
Technology Standards Committee: Standard for
Information Technology - Education and Training
Systems - Learning Objects and Metadata, 1484.12.
1 ­ 2002,
For an interesting use case of LOM see the UK's
National Curriculum Online schema, vocabularies
and implementation guidelines,
IMS Learning Resource Meta-data Specification
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) -
Education Working Group (DC-Ed): Develops
proposals for the use of Dublin Core metadata in
the description of educational resources,
CanCore - Canadian Core Learning Resource
Metadata Application Profile:
Educational modelling languages:
CEN/ISSS WS/LT, Learning Technologies Workshop:
Survey of Educational Modelling Languages (EMLs),
Version 1. Authors: Adrian Rawlings, Peter van
Rosmalen, Rob Koper (OUNL), Miguel Rodríguez-
Artacho (UNED), Paul Lefrere (UKOU), September
Koper, E.J.R.: Modeling units of study from a
pedagogical perspective.The pedagogical meta-model
behind EML. June 2001, http://learningnetworks.
Open University of the Netherlands, Learning
Networks: Education Modelling Language,
On learning objects:
FD Learning papers:
A. Littlejohn and S. Buckingham Shum (Eds)
Reusing Online Resources (Special Issue) Journal
of Interactive Media in Education (April 2003),
P. R. Polsani: Use and Abuse of Reusable Learning
Objects. In: Journal of Digital Information, volume 3,
2003, issue 4,
D. A.Wiley (Ed.):The Instructional Use of Learning
Objects, Online Version,
Learning objects repositories:
Educational Object Economy Foundation: Offers
a repository of learning objects in the form of Java
Iconex Learning Objects Repository: Provides
access to various online course materials,
Other online resources: MERLOT - Multimedia
Educational Resource for Online Teaching and
Learning (Content) Management System
LMS/LCMS, by David A.Williams,
Evaluation of Learning Management Systems,
Managed / Virtual Learning Environments:
MLEs and VLEs explained,
E-learning glossary:
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