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Michel Arnaud, University of Paris X Nanterre,
Michel Arnaud is Associate Professor at the Uni-
versity of Paris 10 Nanterre. He has been Research
Associate in instructional technology at the Colum-
bia University and Chief of System Development at
the United Nations, New York (1983-1990), FPMIS
Project Leader at the European Commission, Brussels
(1991-1993), Chief Researcher at CNED Futuro-
scope (1994-1999), and Associate Professor at the
University of Strasbourg in charge of an internati-
onal online post-graduate degree (1999-2002).
As a researcher at the laboratory on electronic
knowledge industries (CRIS/SERIES), Dr Arnaud
focuses on the use of ICT tools for online learning.
Specific domains of interest cover public access to the
Internet and standards for e-learning. He is in charge
of an open source e-learning platform project with
the secondary objective of proposing open standards
at the European (CEN ISSS LT) and international
(ISO SC36) levels. At present he is also working on
an online curriculum aimed at professionals wishing
to start e-leaning applications in companies or in
public institutions.
Miguel Rodríguez Artacho, UNED University,
Miguel Rodríguez Artacho obtained his BS degree
in Computer Science from the Technical University
of Madrid in 1994, and PhD at UNED University
in 2000. Since 1995 he has been assistant professor
at UNED University and a member of the Learning
Technologies and Cooperative Systems group (LTCS
group) in the LSI Department.The LTCS group
focuses on the development of learning material
specifications to model individual and collaborative
learning processes, learning resources and tools. Dr
Artacho is the main contributor to the development
of the PALO language, the first educational model-
ling language developed in Spain. In the framework
of several IST projects, he has also participated in the
description of the `Active Document approach' to
model collaborative experiences. Since 2001, Dr
Artacho has been in charge of the networking
planning in the LSI Department; in 2003, he became
Director of Information System Planning in the Vice-
rectorate of New Technologies at UNED University.
Since 1999 Dr Artacho has participated actively in
Learning Technology forums such as IEEE LTSC,
Prometeus and, in particular, CEN/ISSS LTWS,
where he has contributed to the publication of a
first survey on Educational Modelling Languages as
part of the activities of the EML Project Team.
Jim Ayre, Partner, Multimedia Ventures, UK
Jim Ayre is a partner in Multimedia Ventures, an
independent management consultancy formed in
January 1991 which serves a European client base
across the public and private sectors. He has been
assisting European Schoolnet (
with business and project development activities since
1998 and is currently helping to co-ordinate the
EUN CELEBRATE project (http://celebrate.eun.
org), a Euro 7 million initiative supported by the
European Commission's Information Society
Technologies (IST) Programme from June 2002 -
November 2004.The project will provide up to 500
schools in six countries with access to a large-scale
online content repository. In particular it will in-
vestigate how different types of Learning Objects and
a new generation of Learning Content Management
Systems (LCMS) impact upon the learning process
and support new constructivist learning models.
Paolo Buonora, Archivio di Stato di Roma,
Paolo Buonora holds a degree in Philosophy from
the University of Rome `La Sapienza' (1976). He
worked in the Italian State Archive Administration
from 1978, where he was first involved in editing the
Guida Generale degli Archivi di Stato italiani. From
1986 he worked in the Soprintendenza archivistica
per il Lazio, surveying audiovisual archives, municipal
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