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DigiCULT 43
5th Framework projects EASEL and KOD focussed
on application of interoperability specifications for
learning object repositories, aggregation and
Adam has made major contributions to three
IMS specifications: Content Packaging,Vocabulary
Definition Exchange and Reusable Definition of
Competence and Educational Objective, and co-
led the working groups for the first two. His
current interests are in the application of know-
ledge management technologies to intelligent
and personalised e-learning environments.
Fabrizio Giorgini, Giunti Interactive Labs,
Fabrizio Giorgini took a degree in Electronic
Engineering in 1997 at the University of Genoa,
Italy. In February 2001 he obtained a PhD in
Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. At
present Dr Giorgini is R&D Projects Manager at
Giunti Interactive Labs Srl where his main activities
are multimedia publishing, authoring and visua-
lisation 3D, and advanced technology and standards
(IMS, ADL SCORM) for e-learning. He is also a
contributing member of the IMS Global Learning
Consortium. He has participated, as project manager,
in several national and European projects (e.g.
IST_1999_11978, JUST IST_1999_12581).
He is currently involved, as project manager, in the
ARCO project (digital capture, enhancement and
archiving of 3D objects, IST_2000_28336) and I-
MASS project (Multi-Agent Systems to access
distributed and heterogeneous data repositories,
IST_1999_20878). Dr Giorgini is project co-
ordinator of the SCULPTEUR project (Semantic
Web and content-based analysis applied to
multimedia digital libraries, IST_2001_35372). He
is also author or co-author of numerous papers in
international conference proceedings.
John Gordon, eLearning and eKnowledge, UK
John Gordon has 20 years' experience as an academic
in Further and Higher Education in Scotland, with
his main activity being the development and roll-out
of technology-supported learning. He has focused on
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