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Jon Birger Østby, Director General, Norwegian
Archive, Library and Museum Authority,
Jon Birger Østby, born in 1945, graduated as a civil
engineer from the Norwegian University of Science
and Technology, and has taken part in courses in
ethnology and folklore at the University of Oslo. Mr
Østby has worked at the Institute of Town and Re-
gional Planning at the Norwegian University of
Science and Technology,Trøndelag Folkemuseum
and Norsk Folkemuseum. At Norsk Folkemuseum he
was curator for several years and led projects for the
development of nomenclature for cultural historical
material and for the development of databases for
museum catalogues. For a time he was head of the
Scientific Department and head of the Documen-
tation Department. In 1990 he was appointed
interim director of the museum.
In 1992, Mr Østby became project leader for the
development of a Norwegian centre for museum
competence. As a result of this project, the Norwe-
gian Museum Authority was established in 1994,
and Mr Østby became director of this institution. In
January 2002 he started planning the establishment
of ABM-utvikling (The Norwegian Archive, Library
and Museum Authority) where he is now director
general. E-mail:
Seamus Ross, HATII, University of Glasgow,
Dr Seamus Ross is Director of Glasgow University's
Humanities Advanced Technology and Information
Institute (HATII). He is also Director of ERPANET
(Electronic Resource Preservation and Network)
(IST-2001-32706), a European Union funded accom-
panying measure to enhance the preservation of
cultural heritage and scientific digital objects.
Previously he was Assistant Secretary for Information
Technology at the British Academy, and before that
worked for a company specialising in expert systems
and software development, as a software engineer and
then in management. He researches, lectures and
publishes widely on information technology and
digital preservation. Dr Ross acts as ICT advisor to
the Heritage Lottery Fund and is a monitor for a
number of large ICT-based projects in the UK. He is
a member of a number of international organisations
including the DLM-Monitoring Committee of the
European Commission, the Research Libraries
Group's PRESERV Working Group on Preservation
Issues of Metadata, and InterPARES (as well as Co-
Chair of its European Team).
Bruce Royan, Concurrent Computing, UK
Bruce Royan has over 30 years' experience in the
field of digital cultural, information and learning
support services, working initially with British
Telecom, the London Borough of Camden and
The British Library. In 1976, he moved to Scotland
as Head of Systems at the National Library and
during the mid-80s he established a national
information network for schools, universities,
colleges and libraries in Singapore.
He returned to the UK as Principal Information
Systems Consultant with Infologistix Ltd, consulting
and lecturing worldwide. After seven years as
University Librarian and Director of Information
Services at the University of Stirling, in 1996 he set
up the Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network
(SCRAN), a learning objects repository licensed to
all the schools in Scotland, and, via a JISC contract,
to Universities and Colleges throughout the UK.
Bruce serves on the Technical Standards Working
Group of the UK's Curriculum Online, and is Chair
of the Metadata for Education Group (MEG). He is
also CEO of the e-Culture, e-Learning and
Distributed Systems consultancy, Concurrent
Computing Ltd.
Patrick Towell, CEO, Simulacra, UK
Patrick Towell specialises in leading teams to design,
quality assure and deliver innovative digital cultural
or learning initiatives for government and lottery-
funded projects.This has included:
Heading up the work to help the cultural sector
engage with the Curriculum Online programme.
Curriculum Online is a £0.5bn programme run by
the Department for Education & Skills which aims
to increase the use of digital content in the
Serving as principal technical consultant for the
Countryside Agency's successful £38m bid to the
Heritage Lottery Fund for the Local Heritage Ini-
tiative ­ a programme to engage adults and children
in informal learning and community action through
their local history, archaeology and cultures.
Leading a project for the Design Council to create
a digital services strategy and knowledge portal,
including the integration of business, knowledge
management and communications strategies.
Acting as Lead Consultant and Project Manager
for the NetGAIN Web portal to enhance the
employability of UK arts graduates on behalf of
Metier, the sector training organisation for the arts
and entertainment industries.
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