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Portal for Culture and Tourism
( and the Diocesan
Museums Network (DMN) Web sites.
he technology behind the portal
includes a content management
system that allows curators and
librarians to continuously maintain updated
portal content.
he Ministry-funded part of the
TECA project started formally in
October 2001 and ended in
December 2003.The project will continue
for about twelve more weeks to complete all
formal activities related to copyrights and
the testing of the portal.The Library
Catalogue was implemented by Conser
Perugia; the Digital Photographs were taken
by Roberto Vaccai and Mauro Scarpelloni;
Ancient Engravings have been catalogued by
Beatrice Cuniberti Florence;The Gallery
Catalogue has been implemented by
Francesco Santaniello Terni;
Cinquecentine's have been digitised by AM
Automazione Microfilm Bologna; the
Record Library Catalogue has been imple-
mented by Associazione Multimedia
Perugia; Analogue to digital records conver-
sion by University of Perugia; the design
and implementation of the Web portal and
of the content management system are by
Horizons Unlimited Bologna; and the
design and management of the information
system by Cittadellamultimediale Assisi. It
was also important that digital copies (analo-
gue to digital) of most rare or damaged
records were created. It was mostly the
oldest 78 rpm records which were digitised.
It is planned that these digital copies will be
made available to users of the record library,
which will help to preserve these precious
records.The analogue to digital conversion is
still under way using a suite made by a laser
record player: ELPj (
The suite comprises an
analogue/digital converter
at 48 kHz and a DTRS
tape recorder at 24 bits.
Very damaged records will
be digitally restored, but
the process has not yet
been started mainly due to
different opinions among
experts on the opportuni-
ties and philological cor-
rectness of the restoring
he TECA project has created a
digital catalogue for 7963 of the
10,000 museum artefacts as
demonstrated by the chart above. As is appa-
rent, over half of the objects are engravings,
but many other types of artwork have been
included also.
The project portal:
ow in an advanced testing phase,
the project portal will soon be
available at the address above.
Through this portal, all digitised objects will
be available and can be accessed using a
powerful search engine which operates across
all archives with the exception of the Library
archive. Sections devoted to news and to vir-
tual visits are easily accessible on the home
page. On the same page there are links to the
Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the URLS
(Umbria Region Library System), the
Cittadella Library Catalogue and all Umbria
libraries catalogues, the Umbria Region
Piccolomini, Alessandro - Del trattato della grandezza della terra e dell'ac-
qua - Venezla, Giordiano Zlettl, 1558
Landolfo di Sassonia - Vita di Gesu Cristo - venezia, lacopo Sansovino Il
Giovane, 1570
Carra, Carlo - Fuga in Egitto - olio su tela (50 x60 cm) 1958
o Ci
vitate Chr
o Ci
vitate Chr
o Ci
vitate Chr