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after termination of NOF funding. In mid-2003,
the New Opportunities Fund had committed over
2 billion in funding to projects across the UK.
The NOF grant to Moving Here
In October 2001, as part of its NOF-digi pro-
gramme, NOF awarded Moving Here a total grant
of 2.65 million (
3,76 million) to digitise and make
available on the Internet material recording Carib-
bean, Irish, Jewish and South Asian migration to
England.The grant is due to end on 31 March 2004;
thereafter the National Archives will begin funding
the basic maintenance of the Moving Here Website
for a further three years.
However, the Moving Here partnership is actively
seeking to gain additional outside funding to incor-
porate improvements of the Website, prolong its life
span and widen its audience by the further explo-
ration of community activity and the development
of materials for formal education.
oving Here's online system offers various
opportunities to access, study, contribute,
download or send content to friends. It has been
tested to the capacity of 180,000 users which was
far exceeded in the days immediately after the launch
and survived. Although the Moving Here catalogue
underpins the whole site (without this content there
would be no site!), different learning resources were
developed to enable users to approach it in ways
that are most meaningful to them. It was recognised
early on that not everybody wants to sit and type
in keywords into a search engine.They may prefer
to look at images, or learn how to do the research for
themselves.There is so much material on the site that
it was important to present it in as many exciting
ways as possible.
The major sections of the Website are:
Migration Histories: Provides contextual infor-
mation to the items submitted by the partners.
Here specialists tell the story of migration of the
four communities, drawing on resources from the
Moving Here catalogue.The section offers an
introductory chapter that outlines migration to
Britain from the early to the present days, and a
narrative on each community starting with a
graphical timeline and chapters on Origins, Jour-
neys, Settling, Growing Up,Working Lives, Culture
and Festivals, and Politics. All these chapters are
illustrated with original material from the Moving
Here catalogue. From these illustrations people can
click back to the catalogue if they would like more
details on that item or wish to print it.
The Gallery: Provides a shop window of visual
highlights from the collection from where visitors
can send over five hundred free e-postcards.The
selection is grouped into nineteen categories such
as Childhood, Learning, Friendship & Romance,
Identity, Places, Sport, Celebration, Music & Dance,
Keeping the Faith,Women's Lives, Making a Mark.
This is an excellent and fun place to start exploring
the range of content available on Moving Here.
Tracing Your Roots: Gives detailed advice for
descendants of migrants from the four communities
on how to trace their family history. It talks users
through the sorts of documents they might need to
look at and where to find them. Again this section
is illustrated with items from the Moving Here
catalogue.There are lots of external links in this
section to useful genealogical Websites to help
progress people's searching further.
Stories: Contains narratives related to migration
experiences contributed by users of the Website and
users who have worked with Moving Here on
community projects (addressed in more detail below).
Search: The search function for exploring the
whole site.This can be limited by site section. It is
from here that the catalogue of 160,000 items can
be explored. All material offered on Moving Here
can be downloaded for personal or educational use
without charge. If an item is to be used for com-
mercial purposes then the interested party must go
back to the partner supplying the image, which may
be subject to reproduction fees.There are some pre-
prepared popular searches, which are topics that are
often asked about.These have been generated to get
people started without their having to know what to
type into the search box it acts as a limited form of
News: Highlights new features of the Moving Here
site or items the team found interesting, forthcoming
events, exhibitions, talks, articles, etc.
Also noteworthy are the extensive glossary, which
explains any terms used on the Website likely to
be not easily understood by users,
a link to a site
map at the bottom of each page on the site as well
as a link to an online feedback form and of course
Help pages.
There is also a game called Multi-Mart.This was
developed in collaboration with students from the
University of East London who were in their second
year of a BA degree in multimedia studies.The Mov-
ing Here project acted as the outside client for this
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