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the exhibition's narrative, which conveys `childhood
memories and words of wisdom that the group
wished to have recorded for the benefit of future
(We have selected some sentences
from stories contributed to Moving Here and placed
them on pages throughout the Thematic Issue.) The
Memory from the Islands exhibition was first shown
at Bruce Castle Museum and then at TNA's site in
Kew, where it received over 4700 visitors during its
one-week run.
Other projects include the Paintings of Migration
project with SUBCO Art Group, Newham Heritage
Service, Museum of London and Moving Here.The
Museum of London were interested in working with
Moving Here's Community Co-ordinator to collect
stories from the South Asian community as well as
drawing attention to the content on Moving Here
from the Museum of London. Chandan Mahal,
Outreach Officer for Museum of London, had
previously worked with Newham Heritage Service
and contacted them with regard to working with
people from Newham. Mads Sarley Pontin, Educa-
tion Officer from Newham Heritage Service, was
interested in the project partly because Newham
Heritage Service were developing a portal to which
residents from Newham could contribute their own
stories. She was interested to find out how Moving
Here was enabling people to contribute stories.
This highlights the validity of Moving Here work
as a model for other heritage institutions.
Ms Pontin had an existing relationship with
SUBCO (South Asian Elders from the Sub-conti-
nent) Day Centre in Newham.The aim of SUBCO
is to provide day-care provision to Asian elders of
the sub-continent over the age of 55 years, with a
particular focus on those who are frail, isolated and
house bound. She approached them to see if they
would be interested in being involved.There was
interest particularly from the art tutor who thought
that participants in the group would be interested
in painting aspects of their migration experiences.
Support from the English language teacher meant
that the participants, if they wished, would be able
to write a short account of their image.
They were interested in the idea of painting
aspects of their migration experiences and stories,
so an initial introduction to the group was arranged.
Participants particularly liked photographs of India
and there was a lot of discussion about people's lives
on the sub-continent as well as experiences of
coming to Newham. Showing participants their
stories at the end when on the site created a lot of
interest at the centre, with staff and volunteers as well
as participants all wanting to have a look. Some of
the participants found it hard to see their stories on
the screen and most had not used a computer before
but there was a real sense of achievement from
everyone. It was clear from the number and quality
of the paintings produced and stories written that the
participants had enjoyed the project. Initially there
was some level of scepticism from a couple of
individuals over why the Moving Here team wanted
their stories - but by building up a relationship with
the team and engaging people with Moving Here
through photographs from the site this changed.
There were several people who were interested in
what The National Archives did and possibly visiting
(though this was slightly confused with its proximity
to Kew Gardens!). Staff and volunteers at SUBCO
were very interested in where the stories and
paintings would be shown and they all looked at
Moving Here on the centre computer.
Another project undertaken was with the Luton
Irish Forum and the Luton Museum. Essential to
this project was the participation of Mr Frank Horan
who is on the Luton Irish Forum committee and
was involved with the Luton Museum's Oral History
project in which members of Luton Irish Forum
were interviewed.The response to an initial Moving
Here presentation at the Forum was very positive,
and it was agreed to record and transcribe stories
from their members. Several people also brought
TNA: Annual Report
2002/2003, p.37,
From: Memories From the
Islands: Mandeville, story
contributed to Moving
Here by Haringey
University of Third Age,
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