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Tom Gross, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied
Information Technology FIT, Germany
Dr Tom Gross is a senior researcher in the research
group for Computer-Supported Co-operative Work
at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied IT. His
research interests include computer-supported co-
operative work (CSCW), human-computer inter-
action (HCI), and global Internet-based information
systems. In these areas he has written numerous
papers, and served on the organising and programme
committees of several scientific events. Dr Gross
teaches CSCW and HCI at the Johannes Kepler
University of Linz and University of Vienna, Austria,
as well as Technical University of Aachen, Germany.
He has participated in and co-ordinated activities in
several EU-projects (e.g., the Requirements Engine-
ering Network of International Co-operating
Research Groups (RENOIR), the Theatre for
Work Enabling Relationships (TOWER), the
Open Collaborative Virtual Archive Environment
(CYCLADES). He holds a diploma and a doctorate
degree in Applied Computer Science from the
Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria.
Hazel Hall, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK
Hazel Hall is Senior Lecturer in the School of
Computing at Napier University, Edinburgh,
Scotland. Her research interests include knowledge
management, online information services provision,
business information sources and services, and the
education and training of information professionals.
She is currently engaged in doctoral research on
motivating knowledge sharing in distributed
organisations.This work is sponsored by KPMG.
In recognition of her contribution to information
science she was made a Fellow of the Institute of
Information Scientists in 2000 and is now a Fellow
of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information
Professionals. She gained her Masters degree in
Library and Information Studies from the University
of Central England, and holds qualifications in
French and Italian language and literature from the
Universities of Birmingham, Nantes and Paris
Susan Hazan, The Israel Museum, Israel
Susan Hazan is Curator of New Media and Head
of the Internet Office at the Israel Museum,
Jerusalem, identifying and implementing electronic
activities for the gallery and outreach programmes.
Responsibilities include interactive, 2D and 3D
educational projects, an online school curriculum
(museum@school) as well as the comprehensive
institutional Website in English and Hebrew. Her
Masters and PhD research at Goldsmiths College,
University of London, in Media and
Communications focuses on the impact of new
media in the contemporary museum. Hazan has
published numerous publications on digital
technologies in education, art and museums and
is currently visiting tutor in the Media and
Communications Department and Computing
Department at Goldsmiths, teaching Critical E-
Museology and Digital Media, which emphasise
the correlation between cultural theory and
contemporary practice.
Cary Karp, Swedish Museum of Natural
History, Sweden
Cary Karp is the Director of Internet Strategy and
Technology at the Swedish Museum of Natural
History and serves in the same capacity for the
International Council of Museums (ICOM).
He is also the President and CEO of the Museum
Domain Management Association (MuseDoma),
the organisation responsible for the operation of the
.museum top-level Internet domain. He holds a PhD
in musicology from Uppsala University where he is
Associate Professor of Organology. He was curator
of the musical instrument collections at the Music
Museum in Stockholm from 1973 to 1990, and its
Deputy Director for the final ten of those years.
During the same period he became increasingly
active in a variety of initiatives directed towards the
establishment of a clear presence for the museum
community on the global electronic communications
He currently manages the MUSENIC Project
(Museum Network Information Centre Europe,
IST-2001-33538), one of the objectives of which is
to inform the archive and library communities about
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