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the benefits that may be derived from their
establishing further top-level domains equivalent to
.museum, and to provide support in any action that
may be taken towards that end.The longer-range
goal is the creation of a `heritage cluster' of top-
level domains as a basis for an extension of the
well-established notion of ALM community into
the digital realm, and the further development of
this to include other sectors within the heritage
management community.
Efthimios Mavrikas, University of the Aegean,
Mytilene, Greece
Efthimios C. Mavrikas, MEng ACGI, joined the
Cultural Informatics Laboratory (CILab) at the
Department of Cultural Technology and Com-
munication, University of the Aegean, in 2001,
and the Equipe de Recherche en Ingénierie des
Connaissances Laboratory (Labo ERIC) at the
Université Lumière Lyon 2 in 2002, as a research/
teaching assistant and PhD candidate. He holds a
Master of Engineering (Hons) degree in Electrical
and Electronic Engineering with Management from
Imperial College of Science,Technology and
Medicine, University of London. His research
interests include cultural applications of peer-to-peer
computing, ontology engineering, KDD and agent-
based systems, and the field of human-computer
intelligent interaction. He has been a Project JXTA
community member since 2002, attempting to apply
the CIDOC CRM to an Edutella-type infrastructure
for peer-to-peer applications. He is currently in-
volved in the Socrates/Minerva project WebDANCE,
where he has extended the National Curriculum and
the IEEE LOM-based Virtual Teacher Centre RDF
Schemas (both educational extensions to the Dublin
Core) with a set of MPEG-7 descriptors, to propose
a more elaborate annotation solution for performing
arts' audiovisual resources. He has previously been
employed by Intrasoft International SA from 1996 to
2000, on a part-time basis; he gained extensive
experience in the field of IT services while working
with the EIC, SURE and INSEM3 project teams as a
subcontractor for the European Commission. URLs:
http://www.aegean. gr/culturaltec/ and
Margariet Moelands, Koninklijke Bibliotheek,
The Netherlands
Born in 1943, Margariet Moelands studied law at
the University of Amsterdam. Since 1972, she has
worked for the NCRD (Dutch Centre for the
Documentation of Legal History and Legal
Iconography, She has specialised
in Legal Iconography and was one of the developers
of an educational pilot for the National Library:
Huwelijk en relaties 1500-1800 (Marriage and
relationships 1500-1800:
kbschool/hr/site/index.html). Margariet has been
involved in creating new possibilities for the library
by means of new search software. She is a member of
the team working on the development of Alfa@Ned,
a knowledge domain for Dutch history, language and
culture. For the ongoing development of Alfa@Ned,
the National Library hopes to obtain a grant from
the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.
Paul Mulholland, Knowledge Media Institute,
The Open University, UK
Paul Mulholland is a Research Fellow in the
Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University
and investigator on the CIPHER project. CIPHER
is a 30-month Heritage For All project supported
by the IST Programme. He has been involved in a
number of previous and current research projects,
of which Enrich (Esprit 4 funded project in
organisational learning, 1998-2000), Clockwork
(Framework 5 funded knowledge management
project, 2000-2003), Empowering Learning
Communities (industrially funded project, 2000-
2002) and RichODL (EU Socrates programme,
1999-2001) are examples. Dr Mulholland's profes-
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