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Rights Management and
Payment Technologies
sustainability and developing revenue streams are essential for heritage institutions if they
are to position themselves to take maximum advantage of the digital environment.
Business models for sustaining the availability and funding of cultural heritage projects
are gaining an increasingly high profile. Much work remains ongoing in this area. Wall
Communications Inc.
's "A Study of Business Models Sustaining the Development of
Cultural Content,"
prepared for the Department of Canadian Heritage, investigates
business models in detail.
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Brief Background
The cultural heritage sector has, until recently, been less concerned with the assertion
of intellectual property rights than with the protection and preservation of the objects
themselves. It is increasingly self-evident that the unchecked exchange of information
across networks, and the unauthorised use of intellectual property in digital form will
have an impact on the control and revenue streams of many larger cultural heritage insti-
tutions. Evidence from other sectors, and especially picture libraries, demonstrates how
effective management of
online digital assets can be
used to create substantial
revenue streams.
The case studies that fol-
low demonstrate some of the
ways in which rights can be
safeguarded and transactions
between organisations sim-
plified. From EMII-DCF's
recommendations for cultur-
al organisations undertaking
digitisation projects to
AMICITIA's dedicated asset and rights management system for broadcast media, they
show some of the effects of new business approaches on heritage organisations.
The scenarios suggest first steps that cultural organisations might take if they wished
to test the possibilities of online resource delivery.We should stress the utopian nature of
these scenarios.They are all implicitly successful, and perhaps underplay the tenacity and
shrewdness that will undoubtedly be required to make a success in this environment.
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