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Rights Management and
Payment Technologies
which educational purposes have been traditionally privileged there. An alternative and
less flexible approach to content protection would be a type of watermarking which
allows content owners to track stolen images, while simultaneously acting as a visible
deterrent. It should be borne in mind, of course, that many users have access to image
manipulation programs that make the removal of visible watermarks feasible. EMII-DCF
has compiled a set of guidelines for digitisation that will soon be available from their
Web site.These include recommendations on the physical size of images made available
on the Web, and the maximum and minimum resolutions at which they should be displayed.
If these guidelines are adhered to, the images should be of only very limited functionality
to unauthorised users, as they will pixelate when scaled up.
DRM systems provide an unrivalled way of guarding IPR against
unauthorised use or abuse.The automation of this facility acts as a deterrent as well as a
Customer Responsiveness
one reason commercial content creators, such as
magazine publishers, turn to commercial image libraries is that they have extremely rapid
turn-around times, which is essential in a deadline-driven arena. Before the advent of
digital technologies and online services heritage institutions could not compete in this
sector. Now the simplicity of the technologies, their ubiquity, and their reach mean that
all content holding institutions can compete relatively inexpensively with the commercial
Automating rights and licence management is by far the quickest and
most secure way of maximising revenues from existing collections and materials. In
addition to this, museums and other content holding institutions should learn to use the
Internet to sell souvenirs and other merchandise.
Ease of use
Customers are showing increasing confidence in online shopping, and
many see it as a straightforward and reliable way to purchase materials that were previously
unavailable, or difficult to get hold of.
User approval
Users are likely to object to being treated as potential criminals, and
subtlety will be of paramount importance in pursuing rights management goals.
Online purchases appear to be more susceptible to fraudulent practices than
shop-based transactions.
The complexity of legal issues associated with IPR and the definition
of digital rights management guidelines require access to expertise.
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