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How can communication between participants be increased/improved?
How can the system and resources be safeguarded against malicious use?
Should the community be built around synchronous or asynchronous
technologies, or a combination of the two?
What Existing Technological Infrastructures are Needed?
How your organisation answers this question will depend upon the type of community
that you aim to create.The technological infrastructures will depend very much on the
sort of community that is to be created. In many cases, such as using networks for infor-
mation exchange, weblogs or e-mail, a PC with an Internet connection will meet a wide
range of needs. In the cases when the organisation considers development of resources,
the placement on a server or using peer-to-peer technology has to be discussed, together
with all the concomitant cost battles and staff issues to set up, maintain and develop the
Staffing Levels and User-base Issues
Some of the questions related to the building of communities concern the staff, their
availability, and how much and what they will be willing or able to contribute. Basic
concerns in this direction are:
Will the virtual community offer the possibility for real research? Many of the
artefacts stored in a virtual museum may be generated by people who do
research on the matter within their own community and the global community,
thus potentially transforming the museum into a distributed learning workshop.
What would be the proportion of staff and external community members who
will take part in this process?
How will the virtual community improve the skills of the organisation's staff, or
those of external participants?
How will the quality of teaching and learning be improved?
What intellectual and artistic collaborations will be necessary in order to build
something really innovative?
What levels of institutional involvement does your organisation intend to
commit? Will the investment comprise only content and occasional time, or
does your organisation intend to be a more active participant in the collabora-
tive activity and virtual community?
Collaborative Mechanisms
and Technologies
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