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Museum of Science, Boston:
Mysteries of Catalhoyuk:
Mystic Seaport:
The O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference,Washington, D.C., USA,
November 2001:
PROSSER, D. & EDDISFORD, S (2003) "The Object of Learning:Virtual and Physical
Cultural Heritage Interactions" in DigiCULT.Info Issue 5, December 2003:
RUHLEDER, K. (2002) "Understanding on-line community: the affordances of virtual
space" in Information Research, vol. 7, no. 3, April 2002:
Shared Miletus. Rebuilding and populating a Greek city
State Hermitage Museum:
The Thinker: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco:
UCMP Exhibit Halls (Phylogeny, Geology, Evolution):
United States Holocaust Museum:
Virtual Communities Conference, London, UK, June 2003:
(Virtual) Community Informatics: Electronic Support for Communities--Local,Virtual
and Communities of Practice (held in conjunction with the 12th International World
Wide Web Conference), Budapest, Hungary, May 2003:
Walker Art Center:
WANG, F. "Video Avatars in Collabrative Virtual Environment":
Vendors, products, & specifications
Apple QuickTime VR Authoring:
Centra Collaboration Solutions:
Microsoft NetMeeting:
Virtual Facilities Conference Center:
Virtual Mail System collaboration tool:
WebEx Meeting Center:
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