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The XML Family
of Technologies
Tomcat servlet container,
with a MySQL
database holding all of the XML objects that
correspond to the digital objects and their respective metadata. One of Pouce's basic
principles was that the solution should be affordable for smaller museums.To keep costs
down, freeware, open-source tools were used wherever possible. XML Schema and XSLT
were used to enable records to be imported from other, incompatible databases.This
function of XML was particularly instrumental in meeting the aims of the project.
The Pouce consortium
consists of a technology
partner, Valoris, working in
collaboration with five cities
and regions from the central
area of France.The Valoris
team's work on
similar European projects
has given them substantial
prior experience in XML
development. However, the
staff of the six museums had little or no experience in the installation or running of such
an application, so set-up and training were carried out by the project partners.Valoris are
currently in the process of planning a dedicated, executable set-up script to simplify the
process and which will auto-configure Museolog for a museum's computers. However, at
the moment all new installations must be overseen by the software developers.
XML has allowed the creation of a unique museum inventory system, in which any
object (be it fine art, archaeology, clothing, etc.) can be defined according to a standard-
ised XML object description system.The Museolog tool allows multiple views of the
objects for different purposes, such as editing, viewing, or printing.This functionality
may be utilised in the production of catalogues or books, where the necessary informa-
tion can be associated with an appropriate image or set of images.When searching a
database for an object, only minimal information is returned, allowing the user to browse
multiple objects and identify the one in which she is interested.When the object is then
selected, the full record can be displayed.This approach saves time and processor power.
Essentially, the interface and functionality are geared towards the appropriate audience
The Pouce three-tier technical architecture
Advanced search on XML records
Sample search result
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