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The XML Family
of Technologies
The use of XML has led to the creation of an affordable, state-of-the-art tool which
assists smaller museums in importing and exporting their digitised collections, and which
facilitates the interchange of information between them.This strengthens the links
between separate museums and specialisations.The independent non-technical review of
the project has been positive. A technical review by Alain Michard, Scientific Leader of
the SAMIE (Conceptual Modelling of Community-Webs) team at the French National
Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automatic Control
recommended that the application's basic communal portal be complemented with a
facility for virtual exhibits.This is an ongoing development, and it is forecast that this
enhancement will add value to the cataloguing function of the Museolog tool. If time
and resources permit, the Pouce team would like to work on a multilingual interface
which would allow museums
from many different parts of
Europe to share their content
via a single portal.Visitors
should eventually be able to
browse the digital catalogues
of numerous institutions
simultaneously together with
subsets of their associated
metadata, select a record of
interest, and view the entire
record together with paths
to related resources.
SIARD (Software Independent Archiving from Relational Databases)
& AMDA (Audio MetaData Acquisition), Swiss Federal Archives
The Swiss Federal Archives' (SFA)
sion is `to preserve, make accessible and
evaluate valuable federal records'.The SFA
has a duty to document the origin and
development of constitutional rights and
freedoms, and thereby ensure transparent
democracy.While the SFA is primarily
concerned with recording the past for pos-
terity and guidance, awareness of new and
emerging technologies has led the archives'
decision-makers to realise that they will
need to adopt flexible and innovative
strategies in response to these developments.
Pouce: Automatic virtual exhibits
This case study is based on e-mail correspondence between Stephan Heuscher of the Swiss Federal
Archives and Martin Donnelly of DigiCULT.The discussions took place between April and May 2003.
Although neither project has its own URL, the homepage of the Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv can be
found at
Schweizerisches Bundesar
The SIARD Archive database: Analysis result
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