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The SFA's Software Independent Archiving from Relational Databases (SIARD) has a budget
of 1,000,000 CHF (approximately
660,000) over a period of three years.The project's
aim is to archive existing relational databases by detaching their contents from the appli-
cations in which they are created (e.g.
Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server).This is
achieved by archiving the contents of dif-
ferently formatted databases in a stan-
dardised format, in this case SQL plus a
description of the metadata in XML.The
advantages of this approach include the
wider compatibility of XML together
with the likelihood that XML data will be
accessible for a significantly longer period of
time than data stored in a proprietary format.
The major technologies used in SIARD are:
- The Java 1.4 programming language, including XML1.0 for input/output operations
and Swing for the graphical interface element;
- JDBC 3.0, for the database connectivity, together with JDBC Interface for data
retrieval and data reload;
- Java API for XML Processing (JAXP), which handles the XML operations;
- XSLT 1.1, for displaying XML data;
- XSchema 1.0, which provides consistency and integrity checks on the XML files;
- Oracle 8/9i and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 databases.
These technologies were chosen because the SIARD team wished to achieve platform
independence and ease of implementation, and their suitability was tested on a prototype.
PL/SQL, the native programming language for Oracle databases, was used for the export
of XML data on the first prototype of SIARD, but this solution was felt to be too software-
specific and inflexible, and hence less useful than the platform-independence benefits
gained by the use of XML and Java.
The personnel are a Project Manager
and a Quality Controller, both of whom
are based at the Federal Archives, and a
Technical Project Manager and three
Developers from the SFA's project part-
ner, Trivadis.
Audio MetaData Acquisition (AMDA)
is a much smaller project than SIARD,
with a projected zero budget and with
only one member of development staff
on board.The SFA has a duty to collect
the official proceedings of the Swiss Parliament.Traditionally these have been held in paper
The XML Family
of Technologies
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The SIARD Archive database: Table description
Schweizerisches Bundesar
The SIARD Reload database: Table content
80 Specific details regarding Trivadis' work on SIARD can be found at
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