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Staff and Policy Issues
The introduction of XML-related specifications will have only minimal effect on an
organisation's staff or overall policy formulation. A dedicated staff member may be
required to ensure that the organisation stays up to date with the frequent advances in
this ever-evolving field.
Conflicts may arise with the change in the approaches to content handling that the
introduction of XML is likely to demand. XML can be viewed as a tool, as a strategy, or
as both. Maureen Potter's account of some of the common steps involved in introducing
a specific XML application (e-mails in this case) across an organisation is a helpful starting
Although this report is domain specific, the stages encountered will correspond
roughly, regardless of which XML application you may wish to introduce.
The XML Family
of Technologies
97 Digital
Testbed team has outlined a series of recommendations for the preservation of e-mails using XML.These
findings, titled "From digital volatility to digital permanence: Preserving email", can be found online at:
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