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DigiCULT 35
Ceri Binding, Hypermedia Research Unit,
School of Computing, University of
Glamorgan, UK
Ceri Binding is a Research Fellow in the School of
Computing, University of Glamorgan. He graduated
with a BSc in Computer Studies from the Universi-
ty of Glamorgan in 1997 and worked as an Analyst
Designer/Programmer for Hyder IT before joining
Glamorgan in 2000. He had responsibility for devel-
opment work on the FACET project and imple-
mented various standalone and Web systems for the
project. The Web demonstrator can be seen online at
Related research interests include Knowledge Organ-
isation Systems, intelligent Web-based retrieval and
interface design. His publications can be viewed at
Jacques Bogaarts, Nationaal Archief,
The Netherlands
After working as a mathematics teacher, Jacques
Bogaarts was trained as an archivist at the Dutch
Archiefschool. From 1992 to 1997 he was involved
in the PIVOT project of the Nationaal Archief. He
helped to develop policies and methods that led to a
new way of appraising archives on a functional base.
From 1997 to 2001 he was senior consultant on
records management at the Dutch Ministry of Water
Management Transport and Public Works. Since
2001 he has been a senior consultant at the Nation-
aal Archief in The Hague. His work concerns digital
preservation and access. He is a member of the Inter-
national Council on Archives (ICA) working group
on Current Records in Electronic Environments
(CER), and participates in DPL-light, a consortium
consisting of major cultural heritage institutions of
The Netherlands, four universities and some partners
from industry. DPL-light aims to develop state-of-
the-art tools and methods for the digitisation of and
access to cultural heritage.
Pia Borlund, Royal School of Library and
Information Science, Denmark
Pia Borlund, PhD, is Associate Professor at the Aal-
borg branch of the Royal School of Library and
Information Science where she lectures, research-
es and publishes on methods for evaluation of (inter-
active) information retrieval systems (e.g. simulated
work task based approach), experimental design,
information seeking behaviour, and concepts of rel-
evance. Dr Borlund is a member of the Editori-
al Board of the International Journal of Information,
Processing & Management, and sits on numerous con-
ference committees, e.g. SIGIR, ECIR, CoLIS, AMR
and NordI&D. She is involved in the Nordic Nors-
LIS research school, and is a visiting professor at
Lund University, Sweden. Dr Borlund is, together
with research professor Peter Ingwersen, co-founder
of the TAPIR research project, which forms a stim-
ulating environment for research on information
retrieval, information seeking behaviour, HCI-related
issues, as well as bibliometric/webometric activities.
Paolo Buonora, Archivo di Stato di Roma,
Paolo Buonora has a degree in Philosophy from
the University of Rome `La Sapienza' (1976). He
worked in the Italian State Archive Administra-
tion from 1978, where he was first involved in edit-
ing the Guida Generale degli Archivi di Stato italiani.
From 1986 he worked in the Soprintendenza archi-
vistica per il Lazio, surveying audiovisual archives,
municipal archives; from 1989 to 1991 he worked at
Perugia University, engaged in doctoral research on
`Urban and rural history'; and from 1991 to 1994 he
was employed again in the Soprintendenza archivisti-
ca per il Lazio. After 1994 he worked in the Archivio
di Stato di Roma, where he was responsible for the
photograph service and several working groups on
informatics applications in archival documentation.
From 1997 until the present time he has planned and
directed the Imago II project in the Archivio di Stato
di Roma. See:
Guntram Geser, Salzburg Research, Austria
Dr Geser is Head of Information Society Research at
Salzburg Research, Austria. In the eCulture domain
his recent work includes the strategic study Digi-