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36 DigiCULT
CULT: Technological Landscapes for Tomorrow s
Cultural Economy (2001) and DigiCULT Forum
(2002-present); see:
report.php. He also co-authored the strategic study
EP2010: The Future of Electronic Publishing Towards
2010 (September 2003) for the European Commis-
sion's Directorate-General for the Information Soci-
ety; see: Dr Geser
studied Communication and Political Science at the
University of Salzburg and Telematics Management
at the Donau-University Krems. Before joining Salz-
burg Research, he worked on research projects in the
fields of media history and cultural studies in Berlin
(Technische Universitšt; Deutsche Film- und Fern-
sehakademie) and Amsterdam (Instituut for Film- en
Televisiewetenschap; Nederlands Filmmuseum). He
lectured at the University of Vienna on science jour-
nalism and served as media consultant for the Austri-
an Cultural Service.
Joemon M. Jose, Department of Computing
Science, University of Glasgow, UK
Dr Joemon Jose is a Lecturer in the Department of
Computing Science of the University of Glasgow.
He completed his PhD in Multimedia Information
Retrieval from the Robert Gordon University, Aber-
deen. He is an active information retrieval researcher
and supervises a number of PhD students. He is the
principal investigator of the EPSRC funded project
on personalisation of Web searches through osten-
sion and summarisation. Dr Jose is on the programme
committees of many Information Retrieval and relat-
ed conferences. His current research interests include
adaptive and context sensitive IR, video summarisa-
tion and browsing, peer-to-peer information retrieval
and the task-oriented and user-centred evaluation of
interactive Retrieval Systems.
Jussi Karlgren, Swedish Institute of Computer
Science (SICS), Sweden
Jussi Karlgren received his Candidate of Philoso-
phy in Computational Linguistics and Mathematics
in 1988, a Licentiate of Philosophy in Computer and
Systems Sciences 1992, and a PhD in Computation-
al Linguistics in 2000 ≠ all at Stockholm University.
He has since 1990 been employed at SICS, the Swed-
ish Institute of Computer Science, in various instan-
tiations of the Language and Interaction Laboratory.
Previously he has worked at SISU, the Swedish Insti-
tute for System Development, been a visiting student
at Columbia University, a programming assistant at
Xerox PARC, and an assistant research scientist in the
PROTEUS project at New York University. During
the academic years 1997-99 he substituted for Kimmo
Koskenniemi as professor of computational linguistics
in Helsinki; he has also taught and supervised students
at Stockholm University and at the Royal Institute of
Technology in Stockholm, and co-ordinated an EU-
funded research project. In addition, he is member of
the board of the Joint Group for Swedish Computer
Terminology. Jussi Karlgren's primary research inter-
ests are dialogue and communication, taken broadly
enough to include human-computer dialogue design,
natural language interaction, information retrieval, and
language typology. Currently Jussi Karlgren is respon-
sible for the research theme of information access and
information refinement at SICS.
Traugott Koch, Knowledge Technologies Group
(NetLab), Lund University Libraries, Sweden
Traugott Koch is Senior Librarian and Digital Library
Scientist at the Knowledge Technologies Group (Net-
Lab), Lund University Libraries in Sweden. In paral-
lel, he is a member of the Knowledge Discovery and
Digital Library Research Group (KnowLib) at the
Department of Information Technology at Lund Uni-
versity. Traugott Koch has during the last 14 years
worked mainly on European Union, Nordic and
national digital library projects, e.g. the EU projects
DESIRE I and II, EULER, a TEMPUS project in
Lithuania, Renardus and E-Culture Net, the Nordic
Metadata Project, EELS (the Engineering Electron-
ic Library Sweden) and the project `Intelligent com-
ponents in a distributed Digital Library'. At present,
DELOS: Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries,
is his main project on an international level. Koch's
main areas of interest are knowledge organisation,
classification and indexing; automatic classification;
Semantic Web; metadata; quality controlled subject
gateways on the Internet; information discovery and
retrieval; and digital library development. He is Theme
Editor Information Discovery of the electronic peer
reviewed journal Journal of Digital Information (JoDI),, and a member
of several other editorial and project boards. He has
been involved in the development and maintenance
of Dublin Core Metadata Initiative DCMI stand-
ards since 1996 and is a member of the DCMI Usage
Board and of the DCMI Advisory Board. See: http://
John Pereira, Salzburg Research, Austria
Mr Pereira graduated from the University of Wol-
longong, New South Wales, Australia in 1996 with a