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DigiCULT 37
double major BA in Industrial Relations and Legal
Studies. Recently he completed a certified E-Busi-
ness Manager programme from the Donau Uni-
versity in Krems, Austria. Prior to joining Salzburg
Research he was Customer Relations Manager with-
in the Northern Division at Sony DADC. At Salz-
burg Research, Mr Pereira has been involved in the
successful marketing and organisation of a Europe-
an-wide multimedia contest, which included organ-
ising relevant conferences, exhibitions and seminars
that promote best practice in digital content publish-
ing. In 2001-2002 he managed a pilot project with
SES Astra to provide satellite based interactive televi-
sion to SMEs` for education and training. He is cur-
rently project manager of DigiCULT Forum, an EU
funded initiative to provide mission-critical informa-
tion in the selection and use of digital technologies
for Europe`s heritage organisations.
Andreas Rauber, Department of Software
Technology and Interactive Systems, Vienna
University of Technology, Austria
Dr Rauber is Associate Professor at the Depart-
ment of Software Technology and Interactive Sys-
tems at the Vienna University of Technology. Having
been a member of the Faculty of the Vienna Univer-
sity of Technology since 1997, he joined the Nation-
al Research Council (CNR) of Italy in Pisa in 2001,
followed by a stay at the French National Insti-
tute for Research in Computer Science and Con-
trol (INRIA) in Paris, in 2002, both as an ERCIM
Research Fellow. He received the Cor Baayen Award
of the European Research Consortium for Informat-
ics and Mathematics in 2002. Dr Rauber is a member
of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM),
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
(IEEE), the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence
(ÖGAI), and serves on the board of the IEEE Tech-
nical Committee on Digital Libraries (TCDL). He
is actively involved in several research projects in the
field of Digital Libraries, including the DELOS Net-
work of Excellence on Digital Libraries. His research
is focused on the organisation and exploration of
large information spaces, as well as Web archiving and
digital preservation. See:
Seamus Ross, HATII & ERPANET,
University of Glasgow, Scotland
Seamus Ross, Director of Humanities Computing
and Information Management at the University of
Glasgow, runs HATII (Humanities Advanced Tech-
nology and Information Institute) of which he is the
founding director (
He is also Principal Director of ERPANET (Elec-
tronic Resource Preservation and Network) (IST-
2001-32706) a European Commission activity to
enhance the preservation of cultural heritage and sci-
entific digital objects ( He
is a lead partner in The Digital Culture Forum (Digi-
CULT Forum, IST-2001-34898), which works to
improve the take-up of cutting edge research and
technology by the cultural heritage sector. He is lead-
er of the Preservation Cluster of the Network of
Excellence, DELOS: a Network of Excellence on
Digital Libraries. Before joining Glasgow he was
Head of ICT at the British Academy and before that
a technologist at a company specialising in knowl-
edge engineering. He holds a doctorate from the
University of Oxford. His recent publications include:
Digital Library Development Review, National Library
of New Zealand, (Wellington, 2003), http://www.; `Cyberculture,
cultural asset management and ethnohistory: Preserv-
ing the process and understanding the past', A/rchivi/
& C/omputer, XII.1/ (2002), and he was co-author of
Invest to Save: Report and Recommendations of the
NSF-DELOS Working Group on Digital Archiving
and Preservation (2003), http://delos-noe.iei.pi.cnr.
Pasquale Savino, Information Science and
Technology Institute, CNR, Italy
Pasquale Savino is senior researcher at the Istitu-
to di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione (ISTI)
of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR).