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38 DigiCULT
He graduated in Physics at the University of Pisa,
Italy, in 1980. From 1983 to 1995 he has worked at
the Olivetti Research Labs in Pisa; since 1996 he has
been a member of the research staff at CNR's Istitu-
to di Elaborazione della Informazione in Pisa, work-
ing in the area of multimedia information systems. He
has participated in and co-ordinated several EU-fund-
ed research projects in the multimedia area: MUL-
TOS (Multimedia Office Systems), OSMOSE (Open
Standard for Multimedia Optical Storage Environ-
ments), HYTEA (HYperText Authoring), M-CUBE
(Multiple Media Multiple Communication Worksta-
tion), MIMICS (Multiparty Interactive Multimedia
Conferencing Services), and HERMES (Foundations
of High Performance Multimedia Information Man-
agement Systems). Recently, he co-ordinated the EU-
IST project ECHO (European Chronicles on Line).
His current research interests are multimedia informa-
tion retrieval, multimedia content addressability and
indexing. See:
Douglas Tudhope, Hypermedia Research Unit,
School of Computing, University of Glamor-
gan, UK
Douglas Tudhope is Reader in the School of Com-
puting at the University of Glamorgan and leads the
Hypermedia Research Unit. Before joining the Uni-
versity of Glamorgan, he worked as a programmer/
analyst at the University of California, San Diego, for
the Hubble Space Telescope Project. His main cur-
rent research interests are in the intersecting areas of
digital libraries, hypermedia and networked knowl-
edge organisation systems (NKOS). He co-organised
NKOS workshops at ECDL2000 and ECDL2003.
He directed the EPSRC-funded FACET project,
which investigated the integration of thesauri into the
search interface, together with semantic query expan-
sion techniques for searching and browsing. This
project was carried out in collaboration with the UK
National Museum of Science and Industry and the J.
Paul Getty Trust. Other research interests include the
application of interactionist social science perspectives
to HCI and Participatory Design. Since 1977, he has
been Editor of the journal New Review of Hyperme-
dia and Multimedia (formerly Hypermedia; http://www. He serves
as a reviewer for various journals and international
programme committees. See: http://www.comp.glam.
Pavel Zezula, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk
University, Czech Republic
Pavel Zezula is a professor of informatics at the Fac-
ulty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech
Republic. Currently, he is also the vice-dean for
research in the same faculty. His professional inter-
ests are centred on storage structures and algorithms
for content-based retrieval in non-traditional digit-
al data types and formats, such as similarity search and
the exploration of XML structured data collections.
He has a long record of co-operation with the CNR
in Pisa, Italy, and has participated in several EU­fund-
ed projects: MULTOS (ESPRIT No. 28: Multime-
dia Office Server), FIDE (ESPRIT BRA No. 3070:
Formally Integrated Data Environment), HERMES
(ESPRIT LTR No. 9141: Foundations of High Per-
formance Multimedia Information Management Sys-
tems), SCHOLNET (IST-1999-20664), DELOS
Working Group (ESPRIT LTR No. 21057) and
DELOS NoE (IST-1999-12262). He has been Pro-
gramme Committee Member (Chairman) of sever-
al prestigious international conferences (EDBT, VLDB,
ACM SIGMOD). He has publications in top-level
journals (ACM TODS, ACM TOIS, VLDB Journal),
books, and conference proceedings (VLDB, ACM