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VII Conference on European Culture
23-26 October
Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
Collections Revealed: The Role and
Practical Application of Collection
31 October
CIMI Institute, Edinburgh, UK
This forum will present an introduction to
collection-level description, including
examples of recent programmes and pro-
jects. It will introduce different approaches
to collection-level description, and explore
how it might be applied to the description
of museum resources.
IST 2002 Conference: Partnerships
for the Future
4-6 November
Copenhagen, Denmark
EVA 2002 Berlin: Electronic Imaging &
the Visual Arts Conference
6-8 November
Berlin, Germany
ELPUB2002 Technology Interactions
6-9 November
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
This scientific conference will explore the
various interrelations between the different
areas of electronic publishing. Forty-nine
authors from 16 countries will present their
work.The presentations will deal with deve-
lopment and application concepts of new
digital technologies as well as with the broa-
der socio-cultural aspects and organisational
issues and scenarios of electronic publishing.
The programme will be completed by cut-
XML Finland 2002: Towards the
Semantic Web and Web Services
21-22 October
Marina Congress Center, Helsinki, Finland
XML Finland Association invites all inter-
ested people from industry and academia
to participate in its seventh annual seminar,
XML Finland 2002.The seminar serves as
a meeting point for the different interest
groups, from experienced professionals to
new users of XML and related technolo-
gies.The main themes of this year's semi-
nar are Semantic Web and Web Services.
Ptolemee 2002: Solution Forum for
the Development of Museums,
Heritage Sites & Cultural Facilities
22-23 October
Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, Paris,
CALSI 2002 Workshop on E-contents:
Contents and Legal Aspects in the
Information Society
October 22-23
Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
CALSI 2002 is the first Workshop on
E-contents: Contents and Legal Aspects in
the Information Society, and it aims to
become a discussion forum for the growing
number of researchers and professionals
interested in the subject.The event orga-
nisers would like to foster the exchange of
ideas between those attending the Work-
shop in an environment where intellectual
freedom, academic rigour and communi-
cation combine; they want to provide a
channel for discussion about the many
issues raised by royalties in the
Information Society.
ting-edge product presentations and a couple
of social events in the unique atmosphere of
one of Europe's oldest and most beautiful
hotels, the Grandhotel Pupp.
Bibliopolis: The Future History of
the Book
7-8 November
Koninklijke Bibliotheek,The Hague,The
The central theme of this conference will
be the influence of new media on book-
historical research and new directions in
book history. During the conference,
Bibliopolis will be presented: Since 1998,
the National Library of the Netherlands has
been engaged in a project to create an elec-
tronic information system on the history of
the printed book in the Netherlands.This
project has resulted in an interactive tool,
entitled Bibliopolis, based on World Wide
Web (WWW) technology. Bibliopolis con-
sists of various components: a concise history
of the printed book in the Netherlands; an
image database; biographical and bibliogra-
phical data; full-text digital copies of impor-
tant book-historical studies; and various
bibliographic tools.
Knowledge Management Conference:
KM Europe 2002
13-15 November
London, UK
Computers and the History of Art
14-15 November
The British Academy, London, UK
International Conference on Libraries,
Civil Society and Social Development
14-16 November
Sofia, Bulgaria