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OAIS Training Seminar
28-29 November
The Black Diamond, Royal Library,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Co-hosted by ERPANET and the Royal
Library of Denmark, this training seminar on
the Open Archival Information System
(OAIS) Model will provide participants with
an opportunity to learn about and interpret
the OAIS Model and its wider applications.
The seminar has been designed to appeal to
a broad array of information professions,
public bodies, commercial as well as non-
profit organisations, researchers, and anyone
with an interest in learning more about the
preservation of digital information.
Please register by 10 November at
For any additional information, please
EVA 2002 Moscow: Electronic Imaging
& the Visual Arts Conference
2-7 December
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russian
While the conference theme, Information
for all: Culture and Information Society
Technologies, might not be particularly
stimulating, the programme of EVA Moscow
looks very promising. It includes various
conferences, workshops, exhibitions and
cultural visits to several museums, galleries
and libraries in Moscow.Topics are within
the field of `Culture x Technology' and are
focused on international cooperation.
Participation is free of charge and official
registration closes on 15 October.
Online Information 2002 Conference
3-5 December
Olympia Grand Hall, London, UK
European Expert Seminar on Methods
of Digital Archival Description and
21-22 November
Copenhagen, Denmark
Organised by the State Archives, the
purpose of this seminar is to present new
ideas and to learn what is going on in the
other European countries in the field of
digital archival description and access.
Some of the main issues on access will be
the questions of retrieval methods, search
methodologies and presentation techniques
using the potentialities of the Web.What
strategies are being chosen and why?
What is the experience in different coun-
tries? How to address different user needs
and behaviour in relation to different
access strategies on the Web?
Conference on Current Trends in
Theory and Practice of Informatics
24-29 November
Milovy, Czech Republic
Feature-based techniques for content-based
retrieval have been studied for quite some
time.What is now needed is for researchers
to develop approaches to extract semantics
from multimedia documents so that retrieval
using concept-based queries can be tailored
to individual users.Topics of the conference
and accompanying workshops include
Computer Science Theory, Education in
Computer Science, and Multimedia,
Databases and Vision.
Workshop: Open Access to Hidden
6-7 December
National Library, Lisbon, Portugal
The objective of this workshop is to bring
together organisations that work in the
archival and library fields in order to
explore whether, and under what condi-
tions, the open archive approach is viable
for these organisations. It also intends to
promote the establishment of new colla-
borative links aimed at building interoper-
able infrastructures for supporting the
dissemination of both archival and library
resources. A tutorial on the implementa-
tion of the Open Archives Initiative
Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-
PMH) will be held in the afternoon be-
fore the workshop for those who are not
familiar with this protocol.
EuroWeb 2002: 2nd European World
Wide Web Conference
December 17-18
St Anne's College, Oxford, UK
The conference theme is intended to
prompt debate on convergence of deve-
lopments pioneered for e-science on the
GRID and web services in order to pro-
vide business applications.The communi-
ties who identify with the Web, the
GRID,Web Services, Grid Services and
Semantic Web should not be isolated from
each other, but need to come together to
unify their approaches to meet the real
needs of information, data and knowledge
technology users. EuroWeb 2002 will be a
major international forum at which research
on GRIDs and Web Services is presented.
EuroWeb 2002 follows on from the suc-
cess of the EuroWeb 2001, which was
held in Pisa in December, 2001 on the
topic of the web in public administration.
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