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Julien van Borm
Dr. Julien van Borm has been Director of UIA
Library University of Antwerp since 1989, and acts as
managing director of Anet, the library automation
center of the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Other
duties include for example: President of the Council
of Flemish Public Libaries, Member of the Flemish
Cultural Council, Member of the Belgian
Conference of University Libraries and the Royal
Library, Member of Sabido, the libraries workgroup
of the Dutch-Flemisch Language Union. Dr. Borm
has worked on EU level in the framework of the
IST-program and for the Belgian Focal Point for the
EC IST program.
Nils Brübach
Dr. Nils Brübach is senior lecturer for archival
Science (Archivoberrat) at the Archivschule Marburg,
Germany. He is a delegate to ISO/TC46/SC11
`Information and Documentation', Member of the
Editorial Board for the ISO 15489 (`Records
Management'), and Member of ICA's committee on
descriptive standards.
Luciana Duranti
Luciana Duranti is Chair of and a Professor in the
Master of Archival Studies Program (MAS) at the
School of Library, Archival and Information Studies
of the University of British Columbia, Canada,
where she has taught since 1987 and has occupied
the position of Associate Dean Research for the
Faculty of Arts. She has been President of the Society
of American Archivists, and is active nationally and
internationally in several other archival associations.
She is presently Project-Director of InterPARES.
Paul Fiander
Paul Fiander is Head of Information and Archives,
BBC, United Kingdom. He first joined BBC World-
wide in 1992. In June 1998, he was given the task of
positioning the business unit Information & Archives
(I&A) for the digital age and stabilising it's losses
which were running at approximately £2m per year.
His main responsibilities are to give I&A financial
stability, to take a keen interest in operational issues
of the department, and to demonstrate to the outside
world, both licence fee payers and professional archi-
vists, the quality and standards of how I&A looks
after the BBC's broadcast material. One of his main
functions with the management team is to formulate
the strategy for I&A's future.To ensure it builds the
skills, systems and technology to put I&A in the best
position to help it's customers, stakeholders and staff.
Hans Hofman
Hans Hofman is working as senior advisor for the
government program `Digital Longevity' at the
National Archives of the Netherlands.This program
has the objective to establish policies for electronic
record keeping within government, including digital
preservation. On the international scene he has been
Member of the Committee on Records in an Elec-
tronic Environment (CREE) of the International
Council on Archives, Member of the DLM-Monitoring
Group within the European Union (since 1996),
co-investigator and representative of the National
Archives of the Netherlands in the InterPares research
projects, and co-director of the recently started
European project ERPANET (Electronic Resource
Preservation and Access Network) on digital preser-
vation. Since 2000 he represents the Netherlands in
the TC46/SC11 for developing the ISO RM stan-
dard 15489.