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Annemieke de Jong
Annemieke de Jong is Head of Information Policy
at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
(until July 2002: National Audiovisual Archive). In
this function she designs strategies for positioning AV
archives in the digital era and develops policies for
preservation and reproduction of digital audiovisual
media. Before, she worked as senior archivist at the
Central Archive of the Public Broadcasting
Companies (FBA), 1982-1990, and manager of its
Television Archives, 1990-1997; she also served as
Head of Catalogue of the National Audiovisual Archive,
1995-1998. Her international activities include:
Member of the Executive Council and Chairperson
of the Documentation Commission of the International
Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA),
1994-2001; Member of the Media Management
Commission of the FIAT/IFTA, 2001-; project
manager of the National Audiovisual Archive (NAA)
for the IST-Project ECHO, 1999-; Member of the
P-Meta project group of the EBU, 2000.
Max Kaiser
Max Kaiser is researcher at the Austrian National
Library. He holds a master's degree in german
studies and philosophy, and since 1995 worked
in research projects for the University of Vienna,
German Department. At the Austrian National
Library he is responsible for the Austrian Internet
Portal for Literary Archives (KOOP-LITERA, and the EU-
projects MALVINE ( and
Adelheit Stein
Adelheid Stein is Senior Researcher at the
Fraunhofer IPSI, Germany, where she has been
involved in several European IT projects, and univer-
sity teaching. She is currently the head co-ordinator
of the COLLATE project (Collaboratory for
Annotation, Indexing and Retrieval of Digitized
Historical Archive Material; IST-1999-20882).
Kenneth Thibodeau
Kenneth Thibodeau is Director of the Electronic
Records Archives (ERA) Program at the National
Archives and Records Administration (NARA).The
ERA Program is building the archives of the future
for NARA, virtual archives capable of preserving and
providing access to historically valuable records of
the Federal Government. Mr Thibodeau has twenty-
six years experience in archives and records manage-
ment and is an internationally recognized expert in
electronic records. He has taught at the University of
Notre Dame and was Chief of the Records
Management Branch of the National Institutes of
Health before coming to NARA in 1988. In 1996,
he served as the Director of the Department of
Defense (DoD) Records Management Task Force,
which revised DoD's Records Management
Instruction and developed the DoD Records
Management Application Standard, 5015.2-STD. A
Fellow of the Society of American Archivists, he has
published over thirty papers and spoken at more than
120 conferences around the world.
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