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This chapter offers a heading, three Bible quotations, a German translation of the first quota-
tion, and a German subscription in verse. Only the second and third Bible quotations require
attention here as they raise the question whether they are variants of the motto or extraneous
n 1694 a subsequent edition of Snijders' Antipathia was published in Salzburg.
In this edition
the heading of the emblem of `Venus in her chariot' appears with a prose commentary which
draws on and unites a number of sources.The engraving employs the same Biblical quotation as
motto, or heading, as König's 1629 text. A French distich and three Spanish verses follow the
engraving (ill. 16):
C'est bien ainsy que Venus traitte
Ceux qu'elle attele a sa charrette.
El Amor siendo carnal
Es amigo tan cruel
Que alaga con vn cordel.
[Love being carnal
Is so cruel a friend
That it lashes with a string]
Antipathia amoris divini et humani,
Salzburg: J.B. Mayr, 1694; see foot-
note 13, Praz (1964), p. 255; see foot-
note 4, Landwehr (1972), no 549.
Illustration 15: Lieb über alle Liebe, Munich: P. König,
1629, folio B ij (BSB: Rar. 1426).
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